It’s time to give your small business a jump start. That means planning, record keeping, and goal setting. Becky McCray over at the Small Biz Survival blog has four suggestions for you.

1. Draw Up A Simplified Business Plan.
– Describe the business.
– Tell about your markets.
– Set measurable goals for the year.
– List the actions that will take you towards those goals.

2. Write A Simplified Marketing Plan.
– Name and describe each market you need to reach.
– Tell what methods you will use to reach them.
– Establish the cost in time and in money.
– Mesh this with your daily habits.

3. Improve Your Record Keeping Systems.
Most small businesses have a serious weakness in their financial record keeping. (Admit it: you know I’m right.)

4. Make An Index Card Reminder.
Take the list of goals you made in your business and marketing plans, and transfer it to something like an index card. You want something you can refer back to each and every week as you work. Because that is point of planning: to influence your behavior.

Photo by cache4.

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