Sue Pilarski and Cassandra Smith not only serve as proof that working moms can find time to stay in shape, they also inspire others to fit adequate exercise into a busy schedule.

The married 30-something Livonia residents, each of whom have two young children, have packaged their motivation into a new business venture, Get Fit Coaches LLC, which rolled out a post-holiday “10-Day Challenge.” Pilarski said the program is designed for those looking to burn off holiday calories while keeping people inspired to exercise throughout the year.

The 10-Day Challenge is a program where participants work out with a variety of cardiovascular and weight-training exercises for one hour, each of the 10 days. Dedicated participants, Pilarski said, will lose as much as 10 pounds or 10 inches in 10 days.

“This is a way for people to see quick results,” Pilarski said. “When they see results right away, that will motivate them to keep going. This program is designed to give people a kick start.”

The fitness coaches executed the 10-day program this fall and found several satisfied clients, including a 62-year-old grandmother who lost 7.5 pounds during the session. Pilarski said her client found energy and continues a regular exercise regiment.

“We know there are all kinds of exercise programs out there,” Pilarski added, “but we are unique with our ability to motivate people to stick with exercise and nutritional programs to help people reach their individual goals.”

Images from Get Fit Coaches

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