Quick Printing:

Printing Resources of California, owned by Nancy DeDiemar and her husband Patrick Jones, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The company was founded in 1970 by Nancy’s parents Helen and Jerry DeDiemar, and was originally a Sir Speedy franchisee.

Two years later, the couple took the company independent and renamed it Helen’s Place Printing. During the early 1990s, ownership of the company transitioned to Helen and Jerry’s daughter Nancy DeDiemar and her husband Patrick Jones. And in 1994, it was renamed Printing Resources of Southern California.

“We’re proud to be among only 30% of family businesses that transition to the second generation, 14% of printing businesses with annual sales exceeding $1 million, and to be older than Sesame Street, the Internet and Woodstock,” says Nancy DeDiemar. “We’re also happy to be alive, well, and prospering. This business will go on forever!”