On Monday, we asked readers if they knew the percentage of small businesses that have a website.

You may be surprised with the answer.

22 percent said 17% had websites, 15 percent said 25% had a web presence, 22 percent guessed 38% had sites, 13 percent said 44% and finally, the largest percentage 28% selected 58% of businesses had a website.

According to studies from Vistaprint and Ad-ology, only 38% of small businesses polled already had a company Website, but one-third of respondents said they would if they had more time and money to spend on it.

Vistaprint also found that small businesses were interested in tracking the results of their marketing efforts, with one-half currently doing so.

Respondents planned the most increases in 2010 on e-mail marketing to customers and prospects, Website development and search engine optimization.

Photo by photofunia.

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