Book Store Owners: Attract Home Educators

Creative Commons License photo credit: brewbooks

Do you run a bookstore? If so, check out these ten tips for attracting home educators (home schoolers) into your store.

Here are a few:

4. “How-to-homeschool” books are fine, but many parents have moved beyond this introductory stage and need content. Stock core texts in the main academic areas too: history, math, science, grammar, writing (see the Suggested Core List that follows).

5. Concentrate on K-8 titles; this is the growth area in home education.

6. Be willing to deal with smaller publishers who don’t have national distribution. Small, family-run presses are at the cutting edge in home education. Among them: Peace Hill Press, Memoria Press, Commonsense Press, and Gravitas Press.

7. Make the path to and from the Parent Educator section child-friendly. Parents who home educate often shop with their kids. A shelf of erotica at eye-level right across from the Parent Educator section will guarantee that they don’t come back.

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