Jazz Up Your Email Newsletters

Do you send email newsletters to your customers and prospects? Smashing Magazine has some great tips for designing and sending your email newsletters.

  1. Respect your reader. Don’t waste their time or attention.
  2. Ask nicely first.
  3. Focus on relevance.
  4. Design with a goal in mind, so that you’ll know if it worked.
  5. Make unsubscribing easy.
  6. Code like it’s 1999 (literally) and use inline CSS.
  7. Always include a plain text version.
  8. Don’t assume that images will be viewed.
  9. Follow the law.
  10. Test everything before sending, because you can’t take it back.

In their article they expand on each of the points and provide a bunch of very good looking examples of newsletters to inspire you.

If you don’t have a newsletter and even don’t know where to even begin, be sure to check out Aweber. I use them for my newsletter and they make email marketing easy.

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