Manpacks Offers Delivery Of Clean Undies

Men, apparently we’re stupid. Stupid and lazy.

If this isn’t news to you then have a look at ManPacks, delivered packs of socks, undies and T-shirts that will find you every 3 months without you having to do tedious things like leave the house, or even *gasp* go shopping.

Red Ferret reports it’s a subscription service, and after choosing what you’d like delivered it’ll show up, every 3 months until you stop paying. US$36 gets you the macho pack, with 3 shirts, 3 pairs of underpants and 3 free pairs of socks, with other cheaper sets available.

The clothes are Hanes, and you can choose styles and colors but really … home delivered skivvies?

Editor note: I wonder if they will deliver to accident scenes? Remember what your Mom told you….
Photo by ManPacks.

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