WAHMs Are Staying Involved

Daily Dispatch Online:

Momtrepreneurs are a new breed of stay-at-home moms who bring income into the household coffers while still having the time to cheer kids on at school sports.

As children returned to school this week, three mothers who work from home shared with the Saturday Dispatch why they chose to opt out of the formal work environment — while still keeping their earning powers through work they generated themselves.

“After working in a marketing and corporate events environment for 10 years, I decided when I was pregnant that I wanted to be my own boss. I didn’t want a nanny raising my children,” Nahoon photographer and wedding planner Candice Dollery said.

“I wanted to be a ‘career’ stay-at-home mom.” Dollery is a mother to two children; the youngest started Grade 1 this week.

Having a studio at her Nahoon home has enabled Dollery to be home with her children after school. She runs her business during school hours and some weekends, and would “never, ever” return to working for another boss.

Photo by Lin Pernille ♥ Photography

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