With Valentines just around the corner, now is the perfect time to talk jewelry. Whether you’re hoping to treat yourself to a little something shiny or looking for a gift to give your special someone. If it is jewelry you want, Stella & Dot has what you need.

Whether you stop by the website or go to a a trunk show, you’ll find that some of fashions of today do come at a reasonable price. With some prices starting around $25, you’re likely to find something that will fit nearly any budget. It has also inspired many women, like Elise, to launch their own home business too.

Elise Lininger is a sales representative with Stella & Dot. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the company and her own experiences.

Tell us a little about Stella & Dot.

Stella & Dot is the modern, home-based business. Perfect for the momprenuer, fashionista, or hobbyist. You can work this business part-time or full-time. Our designs are stylish and affordable. Half the line is under $50. This is a smart business that actually works. A stylist may earn sales commissions through holding Trunk Shows and/or she may choose to layer her income by sponsoring new stylists and training them for success! In Jan. 2009, we had $3mil in revenue-today, $33mil in revenue! That is considerable growth. We have just over 5,000 stylists.

Did you have any previous experience in direct sales before joining? What inspired you to become a representative with this company?

I did. I was leader with another new company. I left a large team behind for this opportunity. I chose Stella & Dot, because of their e-marketing, social-selling business platform. As a leader, I love the fact that the new stylist is profitable right away. We have many profit-boosting programs…from our Jump Start program (earning the new stylist $100-$1000s in free jewelry) free business supplies and jewelry credits.

What products do you offer? Which ones seem to be the most popular among the people who buy from you?

We offer a full-line of celebrity, coveted jewelry. From Sterling Silver to Gold Vermeil, from Enamel to Semi-precious stones. Our jewelry is designed in Soho, NY by Blythe Harris and much loved by fashion editors.

Our most popular line is our charms… mix and match to personalize your look.

From when you joined in April to now, about how long would you say it took for business to start picking up?

My business picked up as soon as I put effort into it! I wanted that free jewelry during my Jump Start period and through holding regular Trunk Shows and sponsoring, I earned $5500 in Free Jewels + my sales commission of 30%!!!

Now that we’re in a new year, do you have any business “resolutions” that you’d like to accomplish? What are some of your more long term goals?

My goals for my business is to keep better track of my expenses. I am not Type A and so that is quite boring to me. I would much rather put all those receipts into a pile and tackle it at year-end. BUT that is not an efficient use of my time. I want to train and coach my future leaders to the Star Position. The Star is our sweet-spot in the compensation plan…she can work part-time and earn an income equal to full-time teacher’s salary. I have my eye on promoting to Director (working 25-30 hours/week) this spring, at this point I will be bringing home an average of $8,000 in coaching commissions/month.

What are some of the lessons that you have learned from being a sales rep?

Fortune is in the Follow-up!!! Provide exemplary customer service, use your free jewelry as a booking gift. When you give a little, you receive A LOT!

How many hours per week, on average, would you say is spent on taking care of your business? Do you have any tips that have helped you balance your time between the work you do and your personal life?

I work 20-25 hrs/week. I love my team, they have become dear friends… so sometimes the lines are blurred between work and personal life! The best tip I have is Set 3 month Goals-schedule family-time first, then business commitments. Set your monthly WHY for working your business-post it where you can see it. When you are crystal-clear on your goals, they come to fruition! I also schedule weekly, indulgent ‘me-time’! That keeps me on track for my bigger goals. AND I offer team-incentives, helping my team track for the bigger corporate incentives (Glam Getaways!).

What would you like to tell anyone that might be considering the direct sales opportunity with Stella & Dot?

Ask yourself if you are willing to get out there, pursue the training, and hold Trunk Shows, earn free jewelry + business supplies, fabulous commission, free fantastic new jewelry and have a ton of fun! If yes, jump right in!! There is nothing to lose. When you sign up for $199, you receive $350 Free Jewels (January Special-$450 Free) + the business supplies needed to get started and fabulous training and support.

I have a nation-wide team that is growing by leaps & bounds. We would love for you to join us. Contact me at http://stelladot.com/elise and on my Facebook fanpage.

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