Niche Biz: LeadDog Consulting

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t sell to the world’s biggest customer — Uncle Sam, reports

Jim Anderson has digitally mapped over 100 countries from his home office nestled in the hills of Anchorage, Alaska, which he describes as the crossroads of the grizzly and black bear populations.

Founded in 2000, Anderson’s company, LeadDog Consulting, has carved a niche in the mapping industry by documenting roads and major points of interest in developing countries, where major infrastructure knowledge is lacking.

The company got attention for its extensive mapping efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, making it one of the only providers of those materials to the U.S. government and military. After the start of the Iraq war, NBC News commissioned LeadDog to produce a map of Basra that the network could display as part of their broadcasts.

Photo by LeadDog.

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