Free listings on eBay — up to 100 a month for sellers who start auctions at 99 cents — could change the online selling world as we know it: back to the way it used to be. (The company will still take a “final value fee,” 9% of the selling price or $50, whichever is less.) according to a story at WalletPop.

The days of scoring deals from people posting products in their living rooms — of playing the auction theory games to get the best possible outcome — were they over?

The company is hoping the answer to that question with the new, low-priced free listings, is “no.” And we all hope that the answer to that question is, “people will post their great CDs and used camera equipment and one-of-a-kind new-in-box Princess Whatever Barbies again,” and we will troll through the listings, we will post our own Boppy nursing pillows and antique butter churners (paddle only) and take part, once more, in the Great American (online auction) Dream.

Photo by eBay.

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