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Lipstix remix

This weeks episode of Shark Tank will feature 4 very different businesses. Jill Quillin will pitch her business LipStix remix which is the at-home system which allows you to recolor, repair, and recover your lipstick by melting it down and creating a whole new lipstick. On this weeks preview Kevin Harrington says “this could be $100 million idea”.

Jeff Hughes and his wife will pitch their business Legal Grind which is a coffee shop which provides low-cost legal services. The coffee is actually free, but its $45 for 20 minutes with a lawyer.

I do not have all the facts on this one but Michael will pitch an idea for sugar packets, which are coded with a substance that when exposed to caffeine turns pink. The product helps to determine if the coffee you are drinking is decaf or not.

Capting Ice Cream

Last Tim Gavern will pitch his business Captain Ice Cream to the Sharks. Tim plans to franchise his fleet of three-wheeled moped ice cream vendors

Make sure you tune on Friday at 9pm on ABC.

“Episode 114” — An entrepreneur from Monrovia, California who wants to bring back the old fashioned ice cream man hopes the Sharks will be swayed by their nostalgia for sweet things of the past and not cream him for his lack of big sales. Things percolate between the Sharks and a husband and wife team from Santa Monica after Kevin O’Leary mocks their poorly executed business pitch about providing legal services at a coffee house. Another coffee-oriented pitch finds a man who has created a way to determine if a cup of Joe does or doesn’t contain caffeine. A housewife from Knoxville, Tennessee hopes her idea on how to recycle lipsticks to create new ones will smack of success. Also, there is an update on how the business venture has been going with the Sharks who partnered with Lisa Lloyd (from Tucson, Arizona) and her Treasure Chest Pets (“Episode 108”), on “Shark Tank,” FRIDAY, JANUARY 22 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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