Meet Matt Prager, a 42-year-old, Princeton-trained therapist who works as an “online dating facilitator” on the side.

Think of him as the modern-day cyber-Cyrano: Just as the famous French poet took to his quill and parchment to woo Roxane on behalf of another, Prager hides behind the anonymity of his computer screen, seducing unsuspecting online daters on behalf of his male clients, reports The New York Post.

What exactly does he do for said clients? Well, everything.

From the comfort of his Brooklyn home, Prager writes his clients’ dating profiles and culls through thousands of profiles to find potential matches. He even makes e-mail contact and sets up a first meeting. But, as Prager notes, “I do pull out eventually.”

And while he doesn’t use a live feed in a client’s ear during a date, he does provide them with a cheat sheet that details all prior correspondence and pertinent information.

“That way, my client can look at the cheat sheet five minutes before the date on his BlackBerry and come off looking like a genius.”

Currently, all of Prager’s clients are men in their late 30s and 40s who are either divorced or married to their jobs. They’re ideal clients because they’re workaholics, starved for time and have disposable income. Prager now has slightly more than a dozen clients and brings in between $1,000 and $3,000 a month in addition to his salary as a therapist.

Photo by NYPost.

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