Pajama Businesses

photo credit: petechons

A recent report on stated that home businesses continue to grow and will continue to sky rocket through the upcoming year or two. It seems that working from your home is the new trend. Not only to start your own business from home but many companies are finding it cheaper to allow their employees to work from home as well. Look below for the top businesses that can be done in your pajamas from home.

  1. Online advice business. There are thousands of sites today located online that offer up advice, tips and help in all matters dealing with business, if you are business savvy, especially in one certain field, this may be the business for you.
  2. Insurance. With insurance prices going through the roof, there are several companies offering lower rates and many of these companies are also offering jobs as an insurance sales representative that can easily be done from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Personal fitness. One of the most common New Years resolutions is that people want to lose weight, thousands of people every year make this promise to themselves. So if you are a fit person who is savvy in the fitness field, this could be the perfect at home business for you to start.
  4. Children’s wholesale. With so many little ones running around this country, a great way to make money from home is by tapping into the children’s wholesale market. Parents are always looking for new stores, new product lines and great deals on all children’s products.

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