As one of the first Indian restaurants here in 1969, Muthu’s Curry pioneered the practice of using banana leaf ‘plates’ on which waiters would deposit copious amounts of white or yellow rice and curries of various orangey hues in Singapore.

Then in 2004, Muthu’s radically transformed itself from old school to chic with more upscale deco at both its original outlet in Race Course Road as well its second outlet in Suntec City.

However, six years on, the management still felt that its brand could do with a trendier vibe.

This prompted them to organise focus groups to better understand what customers wanted and their findings showed, much to their disappointment, that people had a low perceived value towards Indian cuisine. Taking this within their stride, they decided to create a whole new brand to negate this misapprehension. Muthu’s Flavors, as it is called, was developed by the owners of Muthu’s Curry to bring a new dimension to Indian cuisine.

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