Muffin Top Free Women’s Jeans

If you’re not familiar with the notorious muffin top and what it does to women, Elizabeth at the Philadelphia Inquirer describes it as “love handles that gush over too-snug waistbands and single-handedly eviscerate the sex appeal of an exposed midriff.” Any woman that suffers from such a problem generally find themselves in need of a little help. This time the help comes in the form of a pair of jeans.

“Why should you have to be model-skinny to feel good and look good in your jeans?” asked Cheryl Williams, 39, the brain behind the britches. “Our dream is for all women to look slim and at the same time be comfortably chic.”

Williams got the idea to modify trousers in early 2008. After giving birth to her third child, she was feeling a little frumpy. Her then-husband – they divorced later that year – even complained about the extra pudge.

“That made me angry,” Williams said. “I just had three 9-pound babies and I was running a household; it was nearly impossible for me to have a model-perfect body.”

Frustrated, Williams – who is probably about a size 6, if that – tried everything to manage her mommy pooch, from uncomfortable girdles to tube tops.

Nothing worked to her liking. One day, she and friend Meredith Cole got the idea of sewing a stretchy material on some jeans from Wal-Mart. She put them on and instantly felt slimmer. Then she did the same thing with a pair of trousers. That worked, too. Williams started wearing her body-slimming pants everywhere.

But it was her father, Ken Williams, who suggested that she might have a business deal on her hands.

“The jeans made her feel so much better about herself,” said her father, who lives in Mount Laurel and runs a construction business. “She had other girlfriends that were in the same boat, and I just thought it was a good idea.”

Williams, a registered nurse turned stay-at-home-mom, immediately went into production mode. With about $100,000, mostly from her father, she sourced fabric and denim, and after finding a Pennsylvania-based pattern-maker, created a prototype. From there, M’Chic was born. Motto: Muffin tops are for eating, not wearing.

Image from M’Chic Jeans

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