The Western Front:

Passion Parties, also known as “the ultimate girl’s night in,” have become a popular way for women to open up about their sexuality and have a good laugh with their friends.

Western sophomore Heather Siddiqui attended a passion party during winter break. She said the atmosphere was very comfortable and it was similar to talking and joking about sex with your friends, but with products and a sexual educator.

Passion Party consultant Kelsey Wells said games are a good icebreaker and help everybody loosen up.

“For some people sex is pretty taboo and hard to talk about,” Wells said. “Games make them laugh and make them feel more comfortable.”

Wells said there is a lot more giggling when she does parties with women who are in their 20s as opposed to women in their 40s and 50s.

Western junior Marina Castanedo attended a Passion Party last year and said it was eye opening.

Castanedo said it was an environment where talking about sex and masturbation wasn’t taboo like it is in society, and guests were able to ask questions they wouldn’t normally feel comfortable asking.

“This gives girls a chance to open up,” Castanedo said. “And often they’ll realize that many of their fantasies aren’t all that different from other girls.”

Wells said many women have a hard time opening up and accepting that they can be sexual beings.

“When it comes down to it, it’s about having that intimate relationship with yourself,” Wells said.

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