Lifemax Launches Foundation

Earth Times:

Lifemax, a network marketing company known for Milaâ„¢, the world’s healthiest whole raw food, has officially launched their Foundation and tallied the results of its premier campaign to aid the victims of the devastating Port-au-Prince earthquake and provide support to other third-world countries. The campaign ran over a 15-day period in late January and contributed one dollar for every 16-ounce bag of Mila purchased.

Lifemax, Inc. and the Lifemax Foundation teamed up with Dr. Mark Chironna Ministries to send a forty thousand pound container with corns, beans, rice and medical supplies to Haiti earlier this month. Together, the contributions from these organizations represented 200,000 meals. With additional funds leftover from the Lifemax campaign, the company sent another container of medical supplies that included heart medicine, antibiotics, gauze, and bandages to accompany the Haiti-bound shipment.

In addition to the Haiti relief, Lifemax has also shipped 500 pairs of children’s underwear to an orphanage in Uganda, and has announced the completion of a boys’ dormitory in Mozambique which will provide shelter and warmth for the children who, for the past two years, had nothing more than tents outside in which to sleep.

“We are just getting started, and the overall goal of our Foundation is to touch the four corners of the earth,” commented Lifemax Founder Sherri Wear, “and though the needs of the world are seemingly endless, [Lifemax Founder] Jim and I will continue to support one effort after another through the Lifemax Foundation.”

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