Barbie Gets Geeked

A few weeks back, Popgadget‘s Sherri reported that Mattel was holding open votes to decide Barbie’s 126th career.

Among the choices were News Anchor, Architect, and Computer Engineer. I’m happy to announce that the people have spoken and we now have Computer Engineer Barbie.

According to Mattel’s site, the doll’s designers worked side by side with the Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering to design realistic clothing and accessories.

Barbie will be decked out in a tee with a binary code pattern and some black knit skinny pants. She’ll also be equipped with all the latest tech including a smartphone, Bluetooth headset, and even a travel bag for her laptop.

Speaking of the laptop, Barbie’s will of course, be a pink affair which will match her prerequisite glasses.

Photo by Mattel.

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