Heck with a better mousetrap. Jason Lucash, 26, is busy inventing compact products that help people listen to music.

The Danville Express News reports that Rock-It, developed by Lucash, is a gadget that allows music fans to use any household object as a speaker – it’s the “first ever portable vibration speaker system,” explains Lucash.

Hook it into an iPod, phone or anything with a 3-millimeter headphone jack, then stick the Rock-It to something to carry the sound, such as a cereal box, cup or even the dishwasher.

“Cardboard boxes are best,” Lucash said in a recent interview. “The bigger the object, the bigger the sound.”

The household object then becomes a speaker cone, he explained, and through vibration sequences, the Rock-It will turn anything into a speaker.

Photo by Rock-It.

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