Roget Uys, is chief executive officer of GNLD International, the company involved in marketing of health care, nutrition and disease- prevention drugs. Uys, who was instrumental to taking the business round Africa, told DANIEL OBI that his mission to Nigeria was to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and celebrate the company’s success. Excerpts:

What does GNLD stand for? It is simply combination of three companies that came together in 1995. There is Diamite and Golden Products. It is the Golden Neo-Life-Diamite Company that started business in America in 1958. Golden-Neo-Life-Diamite is a merging of three different companies. Golden was started by Jerry Brassfield in the United States and experienced tremendous international expansion, growing into Australia and then into Africa and Europe.

Brassfield later came to own Neo-Life and Diamite. Golden was a pioneer in biodegradable cleaning products. Neo-Life began in California and grew out of years of nutritional research conducted at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. The tre-en-en grain and legume extracts developed in this research are still the core of GNLD’s supplement line. The company was founded by Donald Pickett who pioneered one of the first multi-level marketing programmes in the world. Diamite is a company which was built in North America. The company was noted for its exceptional aloe beverage which is still available through GNLD today. GNLD is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic entity. Distributors consist not only of blacks and whites, but inhabitants from approximately 50 countries around the world.

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