Advertising on Coffee

Oleksiy Pikalo’s business OnLatte specializes in decorating lattes. You heard that right — he’s invented an industrial robot that can pretty up, or put advertising on, any foamy beverage. Inventor’s Digest has more:

Pikalo’s invention, a beverage art printer, sprays a thin layer of caramel on the surface of any foamy drink, transforming a milky latte or an amber Guinness into a canvas. The beverage art printer uses images sent from a computer, so, “If you’ve got a picture of it, it’s a safe bet we can print it,” Pikalo says.

The printer’s versatility and unique medium has made it attractive to companies looking to promote their brands. Although the printer is not yet for sale, Pikalo has received more than 350 pre-orders. While many baristas deride what they call the printer’s “cookie cutter” kind of art, advertisers laud the printer for its captivating use of an unlikely surface.

“Everyone looks at his or her drink before the first sip. Seeing something unusual, such as our logo will be a conversation starter for sure,” says Haydar Kustu, marketing manager for Bruker Corp., which manufactures scientific instrumentation in Billerica, Mass.

You can preorder a Latte Art Printer here. Pikalo isn’t quite sure how much they’re going to be, but it’ll probably be in the $500 – $1500 range.

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