Eleven Year Old Game Inventor To Appear On Ellen

Using a few household items, $11 worth of plastic ducks and an idea, Riley Magnuson has created a new pool game and landed himself on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Reports The Orange County Register.

Riley is the creator of a swimming pool game he’s named and trademarked “Chuck the Duck.”

Riley and his mother, Christine Magnuson, host a pool party at the end of every school year. After mom purchased plastic ducks with graduation hats as party decorations to mark the end of the 2007 school year, Riley’s creative light bulb came on and Chuck the Duck was born.

Riley created the new game, he said, because he and his friends were bored with pool games like Marco Polo and Colors.

The game comes in a mesh bag with numbered, plastic poker chip-sized “Pogs”, ten numbered rubber ducks, one rubber duck in disguise named Chuck and a whistle. Magnuson said Riley has been working with the artists to complete the logo and the label which will be hot stamped onto the plastic chips.

“This is his deal,” Magnuson said. “This has been Riley’s choice of the ducks, the colors … he’s working with the artist telling him what he wants.”

Riley said instructions for the game can be simplified down into four simple steps: take a chip, take a dip; find your duck, now go find Chuck.

The object of the game is to be the first player to find his or her assigned duck and Chuck. The ducks and Chuck are thrown into the pool. After the whistle is blown, players must get into the pool and find their duck. To win the game, players must then find Chuck and take him to his designated spot. A player may also”chuck” the duck of another player across the pool to make game harder.

Image from Chuck The Duck

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