Silly Bandz Have Lots Of Fanz

According to a story in The Tampa Tribune, area schoolchildren are flocking to Walgreens stores in droves – but not for vaccinations.

The draw is a must-have bracelet. And a Walgreens manager says the store is doing everything it can to keep up with the demand.

Silly Bandz, multicolored silicone bracelets, come in a variety of shapes, from cowboys to sea creatures, letters to musical instruments. On your wrist, they look like regular bracelets. When you remove them, they twist back into shape.

“It’s the craze, it really is. I get moms coming in, dads coming in, as soon as they find out that we’ve got them,” said Chuck Siminski, manager.

Silly Bandz, made by BCP Imports, have been on the market for about a year and a half. The company has manufactured a variety of products during the past 12 years, several made of silicone, President Robert Croak said.

Kids from preschool to high school go to Walgreens every afternoon hoping to add to their collections. They search through the packages, which cost $2.99 for 12 bracelets, to find the ones with the most variety. Some of the shapes are rare, such as the hedgehog, making them more “valuable,” Siminski said.

Photo by BCP Imports.

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