Teen Inventors Walk Tall

Their shoe is not on the market yet, but if students at A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet School have their way, it will be in the near future, reports The Augusta Chronicle.

Step It Up is a flat women’s shoe that comes with a short heel, a high heel and a wedge heel. The students say it combines fashion, comfort and convenience.

It won Chantilly Jaggernauth, Joshua Wall and Austin Whiting second place in the Georgia Technology Students Association state competition.

The idea came after one of their co-advisers, Aleks Holiday, shared the story of having to switch out her high heels with slides during a vacation last summer because walking in the heels became uncomfortable.

“She asked us, ‘What if they had a shoe where they could just change out the heel without having to change the shoe itself?’ ” Chantilly said.

So the students began to work on a solution.

Photo by The Augusta Chronicle.

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