Direct Sales Add Income

El Paso Inc:

Some El Pasoans looking to make extra money in today’s down economy have started cashing in with direct sales.

It’s a form of selling that allows them to build a business at their own pace while adding income and paying down debt.

El Pasoan Maria Barrios is sold on direct selling. She started her Pampered Chef business 13 years ago when her kids were 11, 8 and 18 months.

She was looking for extra income and an opportunity that would require little to no childcare expenses.

“I attended a Pampered Chef cooking show as a guest, fell in love with the quality products, decided to host a show myself and realized –‘if that lady just got paid to do that I can to,’” said Barrios, an advanced director.

During her first three years, she treated Pampered Chef as a hobby but then realized she could make a substantial income with it.

Now she loves being the boss and the employee.

“Because I am in control over my schedule and my income, I am able to keep my priorities in order – something that was never an option when I was just the employee,” Barrios said.

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