Frustrated with society’s lack of true leaders, long-time Twin Cities, Minnesota, business executive John Amann has co-authored MacAdemia Nuts, a new children’s book that teaches kids how to be ethical leaders – a key survival skill needed to advance in today’s work world and one that isn’t being taught in public schools.

“Schools teach our kids basic ethics: being honest and doing what’s required,” Amann said. “We’re offering parents, grandparents and homeschoolers more. Our book provides practical tips to teach young people to do the right things that are not required. That’s the definition of ethical leadership.”

MacAdemia Nuts contains six chapters, each telling a different story of ethical leadership for children ages 9-12. Amann, a father of two young children, has also co-authored a simple discussion guide for parents with secrets on how to talk to kids about the ethical dilemmas written about in the book. MacAdemia Nuts is part of the Old MacDonald Ethical Leadership series, which features several books and practical tools for parents, grandparents and homeschoolers to help grow New Leaders for New Times. For more information about the books and to download the parent’s guide, visit

Old MacDonald’s Ethical Leadership Farm’s philosophy is centered on the fact that parents and grandparents must take it upon themselves to show their children and grandchildren how to go beyond basic societal expectations if they want them to excel.