Concealer For Your Feet

Now that it is spring, people are starting to brush the dust off of their sandals and preparing them to be worn once again. However that also means it is time to pretty up our feet for the occasion.

The founders of T!ntalize, Sidney Dillard and Allyson Carey, had a similar problem. Allyson wanted to cover up imperfections on her feet but couldn’t quite find the right product for the job, says ABC7 Chicago. So they created one.

A concealer for your feet, T!ntalize claims to diminish the appearance of blemishes including age spots, discolorations, abrasions, scars, tan lines and veins. It also promises to be waterproof, sweat proof, rub proof, smudge proof, and long lasting. It is available in 7 different shades to match any skin tone.

T!ntalize is available for [purchase] online. Prices range from $11 to $15.

Image from T!ntalize

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