Pizza Chain Looking To Expand To Dayton

Dayton Daily News:

Scott Gittrich hopes his second experience with Dayton is more rewarding than the first.

In 1991, Gittrich — founder and CEO of Toppers Pizza, a mostly delivery pizza chain that targets the 18-to-34 age group demographic — was offered the opportunity to become the franchise owner of a couple of Domino’s pizza shops, the large pizza chain for which he was working in Charlotte, N.C. Gittrich researched the offer, but didn’t like what he learned about what were then a pair of low-volume, struggling stores.

“It wasn’t anything about Dayton, but it just didn’t fit with my own entrepreneurial spirit,” Gittrich said. “I’d prefer to do my own thing rather than try to reverse the fortunes of an existing franchise.”

So he went out and “did his own thing” by launching Toppers, a brand-new pizza venture based in Whitewater, Wis., that has spread to 26 locations in five states. Now, Toppers is poised to open its first Ohio pizza store in June on Calhoun Street adjacent to the University of Cincinnati, and is looking to expand to the Dayton market, Gittrich said. A spokeswoman for Toppers said the company would like to develop as many as 12 locations in the Dayton area.

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