The Peterborough Examiner:

Have you seen a pink Cadillac driving around Peterborough? That’s Robin Courneya-Roblin, Monaghan Ward’s very own Mary Kay lady.

Robin moved to Peterborough from Nova Scotia in 1998. She was familiar with the area because her father was from Peterborough and her family visited the area often when she was growing up. She has lived in the Monaghan Ward for the last 12 years.

In 2002, Robin, a stay at home mother with a background in retail management, found herself looking for something to do outside the home. She began volunteering at Marycrest when her father became a resident there. She worked in pastoral care -taking residents to church.

Later that year, Robin joined Mary Kay Cosmetics. She had used the products since she was young and her sister was a Mary Kay director. Robin decided this was her chance to continue being a stay-at-home mother and volunteer while making money and fulfilling her social needs. In 2004, Robin became a sales director and earned her fourth car, the pink Cadillac.

Robin is very happy to be working with Mary Kay Cosmetics. She describes the company as “an organization that values people and gives praise.” The leaders of the company know their employees. When her mother was sick, she received phone calls and letters from the president and vice-president.

Mary Kay Cosmetics has given Robin a lot of great tools. She says, “It has taught me to be more positive and to not dwell on negativity. Really, one person can make a difference in another person’s life. My world has gotten so large.”

Logo from Mary Kay