Site Selection: How Do I Pick A Second Location That Will Be As Successful As My First?

QSR magazine:

There’s a treasure trove of information located in the existing location via the customers. The key to successfully finding your next site is mimicking the success you have in your first site. You want to look at the customer base in general—who the customer is and who the customer isn’t. Sometimes finding out who the customer isn’t is almost as important as knowing who the customer is.

The goal is you’re trying to find markets that follow your blueprint for success. Franchisees often skip this step and rely on standard broker jargon that relies on the number of homes around the site. All that information is valuable, but if you don’t know specifically what your brand needs in terms of the types of consumers and number of rooftops, it doesn’t help you.

When I say “rooftops” I mean households and apartments—mailable addresses. Continue reading this article.

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