When Natalie Hickey had the opportunity to help fellow mumpreneurs raise the profile of their business, she simply couldn’t resist says Journalism.co.uk.

In December 2009 a networking site aimed at mums in business was put up for sale. The basis of the site was in place but there was room for development. After starting an online business, Precious Parcels, in 2008, Natalie saw it as an opportunity to help established and new Mumpreneurs with their business efforts. The aim to create a completely free and thriving online community of likeminded individuals to help support each other through different business ventures.

Natalie, 30 and mum of one to George, is an award winning mumpreneur herself named “Best Start up Business” at the Mumpreneur Conference 2009. Natalie says: “I’ve had so much fun and success with Precious Parcels that I want to show other Mums that running your own business is always a possibility. It’s a fantastic chance for me and other Mumpreneurs to share our experiences and further our knowledge, whilst enabling all of our businesses to grow in a positive way.

“The Mumpreneur website currently provides a place for mums to network, an index to list their business, useful articles and guest blogs as well as a number of other features all at no cost to members. I have exciting plans for the website’s future including regional site developments to allow mums to connect quickly plus some other exciting new features over the next few months.”

Logo from The Mumpreneur Group