This network model, spearheaded by a work at home mom herself named Helene Malmsio, has ushered in several new things into this domain. The range of products is quite immense; when someone joins into the network, they become registered independent distributors. They are then able to select a single product that they wish to enter into business with. The companies that the network deals with have their warehouses in over 60 countries, which means the network can operate on a global level, quite unlike many other network marketing based businesses that are concentrated only within the US and Europe.

Helene Malmsio says about this work at home business opportunity that she offers, “The biggest advantage that I feel is that everyone has the choice to select whatever product they want to deal with. We lay a great emphasis on the networker being satisfied with the product first, because if the networker isn’t satisfied, it is highly unlikely that he or she will be able to convince anyone else to become a marketer for that product. The best thing is that we have an assortment of products here to choose from, which are mainly from the nutritional, weight management and personal care industry.”

The business model is shaped very closely with the product that it mainly deals with—Herbalife. Herbalife’s several products are featured here, even with a direct link to the website. In addition, the website provides great insight on how the business operates.

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