For those not willing to stuff their jeans with electronics–however well-suited those jeans might be–the Bandee is a multifunctional sash designed to hold mobile phones, iPods and all sorts of other gadgets that otherwise fill up pockets or get lost in handbags, according to a story at trendspotter Springwise.

The award-winning Bandee is a “multifunctional transport solution for the little things of everyday life,” as its Berlin-based creator puts it.

Cellphones, music players, wallets, ID, keys, lipstick and a virtually infinite variety of other small items fit nicely in its many pockets, relieving the wearer of the need to carry a heavy bag or load the pockets of one’s clothes.

Compartments are configured to ensure that nothing falls out–even on the most challenging half-pipe, say–and a variety of designs are available. Pricing ranges from EUR 29.95 for solid-coloured Bandees to EUR 39.95 for multicolour designs.

Currently selling through its online shop as well as through retail outlets in Portugal, the Netherlands, South Korea, Poland and Turkey, Bandee is now seeking distributors in other countries.

Photo by Bandee.