Planet Smoothie Awards Franchising Discounts

Chain Leader:

In 2009, the business world was full of change and uncertainty as the stock market, housing market and banking industry all experienced shifts during a down economy. Now into the early stages of 2010, all of these industries are aggressively working to recover and, by stepping out ahead, franchising continues to show signs of promise and strength for entrepreneurs, multi-unit operators, retirees and people who dream of owning a business.

Throughout the end of last year, Planet Smoothie, a Petrus Brands concept, created a series of seminars that encouraged interactive discussions around the principles of successful franchising. These events, titled Franchise U, were held across the Southeast at various college campuses to promote education and to provide insight into franchising with Planet Smoothie. As an added incentive during the tour, anyone who attended a Franchise U session, submitted a franchise application, met the minimum requirements, and signed an agreement to open a Planet Smoothie became eligible for a grand prize giveaway of $25,000 discounted off the standard franchising fee. Read on…

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