Small Bizs Can Benefit From iPad

Small business owners who are so inclined to purchase an iPad, will undoubtedly find clever uses for it to enhance worker productivity, reports PC magazine.

iPad As A Presentation Device: The killer feature that’s tailor-made for the business set is the ability to connect the iPad to a video projector. This, coupled with iWork’s impressive Keynote presentation software, can make for stunning conference-room presentations.

iPad As A Sales Tool: Sales people and real estate agents may be able to ditch their notebooks (which can weigh several pounds), for the featherweight 1.5-pound iPad to display numbers and spreadsheets to clients.

iPad As A Portable Portfolio: Graphic artists, photographers, website designers, and anyone involved with the creation of digital art can use the iPad as a cool way to display work to clients.

iPad As A Digital Sign-Up Sheet: Small stores and boutiques often create mailing lists to keep customers abreast of new products, services or announcements. A bolted iPad at the front register could replace the “sign-up-for-our-mailing-list” sheet, as the iPad’s on-screen keyboard is large enough to make typing easy.

iPad As Multimedia Storage Device: Musicians and photographers tote an extraordinary amount of equipment, including the laptop which stores their creations. Although the 16 GB and 32 GB iPad models have a relatively limited storage capacity, the 64 GB offering is enough to hold at tons of high-definition photos and music files while significantly reducing the bulk associated with full-size notebooks.

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