If you’re a business owner than Christine Davis, writing for SeacoastOnline.com, believes that you should have asked yourself “Should I be doing this?” at least once during the life of your business.

This crappy recession does have a bit of a silver lining that I am going to go out on a limb and share: We may not like it, but our current economy is actually forcing some businesses and nonprofits to make decisions that in the long run could well create better and stronger organizations. We are stepping back and re-evaluating our business models and making changes to improve what we do and offer.

Those that adapt and innovate will succeed. Those that don’t (or can’t) will fold. It seems as if we are living in this feast-or-famine scenario, and perhaps what will come of this is a healthier economy that is neither feast nor famine.

I am also seeing a number of small business owners struggling for reasons outside of the economy. If you are struggling, I hope that you stop and ask yourself, “Is what I expected? Can I do everything that is needed to be successful? If I do, will I be happy?”

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur even when times are good, and there is no shame in admitting to that. To really make a go of it, you have got to be 100 percent in the game.

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