Franchise Wire:

Is multi store ownership a path to increased profitability? While FranchiseFacts’ National Franchisee Survey provides some support to this belief, our preliminary results suggest that multi store operations may be riskier, and result in a greater likelihood of business losses. Put differently, these preliminary results suggest that multi store ownership leads to either higher profitability or no profitability.

There does not appear to be a middle ground here.

For a multi store operation to be successful, two factors should be considered. First, the business must be one where tasks and knowledge requirements are sufficiently straightforward so that training of staff is simple. Second, the franchisee must have above average business and organizational skills. Operating more than one location requires that the owner’s expertise be split among multiple locations. In some instances, the owner lacks the skills to make this work. In other instances, the skills that make a single operation successful are not in sufficient supply to support multiple operations. When both factors are in place, the franchisee is likely to be extremely successful in operating their multi unit operation.

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