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photo credit: jurvetson

Building a team for your company comes with many different decisions and steps that you will need to take and put into action. Your team will ultimately determine how well or poorly your company does in the future. I have put together some helpful tips on building a successful team that I recently came across on Tim Berry’s Bplans.

From the very beginning of building your business and team, make sure you are building around honest and believable values. You’ll find that your team will do much better when they can honestly say they are working towards values that are honest, noble and down to earth as well as obtainable.

Empower your people. Micromanagement is a real drag. It’s hard to do and annoying as hell. Hire smart people who share your business values, give them ownership of what they do, and trust them. The idea of owning tasks and functions and specific areas of the business is really important. Wherever possible make sure a single person, with a name and a face, is responsible for things – not a group.

Most importantly make sure that employee and boss feedback is a constant happening rather then just once every quarter or so. The more feedback you have the more power to make changes and do well you will have at your finger tips.

And always remember that mistakes are not necessarily an end of the world situation, use them as “fertilizer” so to speak, learn from them and move on.

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