photo credit: William Hook


You would think that marketing trends would be closely aligned with consumer trends, since effective marketing depends on getting your messages to appear where the highest concentration of qualified eyeballs are focused. That isn’t always the case, however, because trend-focused marketers tend to place an inflated value on revolutionary technology and early adoption.

Look below for the expected new online trends to look for in 2010.

  1. Optimized Search Engines. In 2010 search engines are expected to be optimal by providing the most accurate information for you when you search for any given topic or subject.
  2. Email marketing. Surprisingly, this is one that has not been taken advantage of when the cost to send emails is so much lower than any other form of marketing. In 2010 Email marketing is expected  to be the new way of marketing.
  3. Mobile Marketing. Everything else is becoming available on your mobile cell, why not marketing as well? Business owners are wanting more options for marketing that they can control from anywhere with little to no hassle at all, mobile marketing in 2010 will begin providing this option for them.
  4. Coupons and discounts. This is not set just to online but it is worth mentioning as the economy is still not at its greatest point. Retailers that are still having problems as we exit 2009 will now begin offering their coupons and discounts online to further provide savings in more ways for their customers.