Gift Certificate Wording

Joint 2nd Place!
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It truly is amazing some of the things that customers will try to get away with in all kinds of situations. Take gift certificates for example. People automatically assume that these do not have any sort of expiration date on them (and some may not, but others do), or they try to cash it in for straight cash versus buying your products. Or maybe they try to transfer it towards something other than what it is meant for. Have you encountered these problems before?

A recent post found on talks about this very problem. Some suggestions they had to help others get around having these problems are as follows:

  • Be specific about the amount on the gift certificate.
  • Make sure it states somewhere on it exactly what it is meant to be used for. This can always be put on the back, as long as it is found on there.
  • Always include some sort of phrase such as “non-transferable” to take care of the wanting to transfer it problem.

If you really want to go all out, see that anything in print (a catalog, brochure, or label) is more specific than “Gift Certificate.” Perhaps “Gift certificate toward the purchase of art by Geri Dunn” would be sufficient. I know this might sound like going overboard, but I’m amazed at how few people read the details of an offer. The more bases you cover, the fewer headaches you’ll have in the long run.

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