Light Your Own Fire

While passion might not be all you need to keep your business ‘a lit’, without it you wouldn’t have a business at all. For everyone that drive might come from a different source but the result is pretty much the same, says Business Daily.

The key is to discover what motivates you – what sets you on fire.

There are two important factors that motivate most entrepreneurs; We want to express our deepest desire, passion and purpose.

The reason is simple: If we’re going to create a business and spend so much of our time living in it, let’s make it something that we love, something that expresses our purpose in life.

We want to put passion before practicality.

Yes, we want the business to succeed and make money.

But first we say the words that set us on fire.

Then we go into work and light the fire under our business and in our team. It’s like the old steam locomotives.

The engine and the tracks are the practical business structure.

But if there’s no fire in the boiler, we never get rolling.

Photo by Bistrosavage

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