British billionaire Richard Branson marked the “official” launch of his latest green initiative, the Carbon War Room, speaking to hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors and students about the importance of businesses going green, reports Forbes.

During a three-day conference, “Creating Climate Wealth,” at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, Branson and six other founders of the Carbon War Room hope to start a new kind of green movement–one that will draw on businessmen by focusing on the bottom line.

The goal of the group is to rally entrepreneurs by pushing them to implement climate change strategies that will ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of businesses.

The group’s website dramatically details “The War” against carbon-based technologes and unsustainable resource demands and “the battles” that must be fought.

The group, which is run by Jigar Shah, the founder of solar energy services firm SunEdison, has already been quietly working since October with the shipping industry, which emits one billion tons of carbon dioxide annually.

They are working together with shipping groups and policymakers to start a mandatory rating system to label commercial ships by how much pollution they emit. Ships that pollute less should get first dibs at docks, says Branson.

Eventually the older models that tend to be the offenders will phase out.

Photo by virginunite.