Dancing To The Tune Of A Franchise

A world-class dancer, dance instructor, and entrepreneur from southern Florida, Moshe Rasier has recently turned his business, Aventura Dance, into a franchise opportunity.

Success is nothing new for the 28 year old entrepreneur; Rasier has won over the tough critics in success as a business man, dancer, choreographer, and producer, and worked with Cirque du Soleil for the pre-game show during Super Bowl XLI. As an accomplished graduate of the Nova Southeastern University’s MBA program, he knew that he could tackle even bigger challenges. “I launched my business in dark economic times, but I’ve learned not to let the economy as a whole get me down. There is always opportunity to achieve success doing something innovative, exciting, and different. My Latin dance studio fits the bill perfectly.”

The success of his dance studio led to him exploring the role of businessman even further, leveraging his experience as a business owner into the role of a franchisor. “Economic expansion and growth requires new businesses, and small businesses are the economic engine of the United States, but so many of the franchises available today are priced out of the range of the average person. When a fast-food sandwich chain requires a $500,000 investment, it is not designed to give the average person an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. An Aventura franchise, on the other hand, does not require a six-figure investment, instead allowing smart and talented people to bootstrap their way to success.”

Following in line with that sentiment, Aventura offers several different franchise packages, allowing potential franchisees to select the model that best suits their experience, time, and budget. Unlike many franchises which sell franchisees only a name and a logo, Aventura franchisees get a complete business package with access to Rasier’s experience and training.

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