Hotel Features For Business People

 Long Beach at night
photo credit: kevindooley

When in business it is sometimes required that you travel to strange cities. As if this wasn’t a pain to begin with being away from home and familiar ground, imagine being stuck in a horrible hotel room that makes you even more uncomfortable! I have put together some features that you should look for and even request when booking your hotel room for business.

Wi-Fi access is a must for almost every business person! When away from home and the office, there is no way to pack up all of your equipment and take it with you, not to mention it’s just plain ridiculous to do that, so make sure your hotel offers free Wi-Fi services.

A multitude of electrical sockets. How hard is it to outfit a room with plugs by the bed, at the desk, near any additional seating? I travel with my laptop, cell phone and camera and have to recharge all of them each day. A good business hotel has plugs in more than one place. Recently stated on Open Forum.

Free local calling is another big feature that you want to make sure you have access to in your hotel room. If your there on business and need to make several call’s to a local business your dealing with or even to order yourself some dinner for the night you should definitely be able to do it for free.

Last but not least you should make sure there is a 24 hour fitness center in the hotel. For those of you who have a strict exercise routine or program, why should you miss out on a few day’s of it just because your out of town? After all we all know that traveling especially for business can be stressful as it is and we also all know that exercise is a great way to reduce our stress levels.

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