When money gets tight, a second job may be helpful to make ends meet. But sometimes, that extra work can put a strain on family life and your free time.

Many people are now turning to direct selling to earn extra cash; and it’s not just your old-fashioned Tupperware parties anymore.

When you put good food and friends together, you’ve got a party. But for Jenna Beebe, it’s also a good business opportunity for direct selling.

“I like to try to do one or two parties a week,” says Jenna. “I’ve kind of slowed down a little bit lately, but because I want to. That’s a convenience of doing a business like this.”

Jenna’s husband works and she’s a stay at home mom of two with one more on the way. She sells food preparation items from a company called Tastefully Simple.

“This was definitely an opportunity for me to get out of the house and also make a little extra money. So I don’t go insane cause I’m a stay at home mom other than that,” says Jenna.

Jenni Nunemaker is a direct seller for a company called Scentsy. The fragrant waxes and warmers help her make a couple hundred dollars extra a month.

“It just supplements,” says Jenni. “Just gives me a little extra play money. Pay the car payment pay bills.”

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