Storytime For Dogs

One entrepreneur hopes that Canadians are ready for a new way to bond with their dogs – using a story book, reports The Gazette.

Jenan Mujkic, director of marketing and development at Ideas Inc., will be promoting his new book on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, a TV program that gives inventors an opportunity to pitch their ideas to financial backers. Mujkic said he got the idea for the book while putting his toy poodle Pepsi to bed one night. “I wished him good night and I was telling him I loved him, and I couldn’t help thinking that somehow, at that moment, I could have done something else,” he said. “Then I recalled that when my children were really small, I used to read bedtime stories to them. And I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a bedtime story for dogs?’ ” Encouraged by his wife and friends, Mujkic wrote the book “in one sitting.” “The story is about the first meeting between dog and man,” he said. The 30-page book and accompanying music CD are called The Walk of Life.

“I’ve shared it with a lot of people by now, and most people are genuinely intrigued. They want to know more,” he said. He said he’s not concerned about pitching his idea to the panel of judges on Dragon’s Den. With 5.4 million dogs living in Canadian homes, Mujkic is confident there will be interest in his bedtime story. “My goal is to introduce a new way for dog owners to spend quality time with their dogs … a whole new way of thinking.”

Photo from The Walk Of Life

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