The Value Of Social Media Ads?

Measuring the value of social media ads. Nielsen and Facebook recently formed a partnership to learn more about consumer habits and reactions to ads on social media platforms.

That partnership has just spawned its first report, which draws on surveys of 800,000 Facebook users and over 125 different ad campaigns according to TechCrunch.

Intent for purchase climbed 2% higher among viewers of homepage ads vs. non-viewers but went up 8% either from social ads or when ads appeared alongside organic mentions of the brand in the news feed. Brand awareness went up 2% from just a homepage ad, 8% with a social ad and 13% when a homepage ad appeared along with a mention of friends who were brand fans in the users’ newsfeeds.

Unfortunately, the data does not include offline purchases yet but the stats on ad recall, awareness, and purchase intent provide useful insights nonetheless.

Photo by Nielsen/Facebook.

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