Money Clip shuffle
photo credit: re-ality

Often times when having a small business website, a lot of owners are forced to let go of their website due to too many fees that they are paying out every year or even every month just to have the site. I read an article recently located on Small Biz Bee that makes some great suggestions on how you can save money on  your small business website that I believe every business owner are sure to find very helpful.

Pay less for your domain name — While you definitely need to have a distinctive domain name and brand, you don’t need to pay top dollar for the privilege. Here’s a good example — if you have your domain name registered with you’ll pay $35.00 per year for a .com domain name. That same domain name if registered at a discount registrar like will cost just $10.69.

Take on a couple advertisers that are most likely chomping at the bit just to get in front of some readers and shoppers on any site. This will definitely help with the monthly or yearly costs of your site.

Another way to save some money on your website that isn’t really heard of all that much these day’s is to ask your shopper’s/readers for some donations. Depending on what type of site you have and the type of content that is located on that site, it may very well be appropriate for you to request donations be made.

The bottom line here is that if you look closely enough there are always a few way’s here and there where you can cut on some costs and thus raise your profits while lowering your costs so that you are able to hold on to your website for years to come, because after all, your website is  an important asset to your company.

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