Be More Creative In 2010

New Year 2010 Fireworks, Singapore
photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano

If you still haven’t made your New Years Resolution yet, a good one in business may be to become more creative for the new year. We are at the very bottom of an economic crisis so there is only up for us to go, and this can actually be a great thing. Starting completely over from scratch can mean so many different brand new ideas that can prove to be more beneficial than the old ones we had.

If the need for ideas is great and the supply of creative thinkers is limited, then it’s easy to see that becoming a better creative problem solver is an awesome way to increase your value. It’s also fun and incredibly fulfilling to know that you have the capability to generate valuable ideas – on demand! As stated on

The opportunities for your new creativity are endless! The way you market, advertise, your target audience, the products and services you intend to offer for the new year, new promotions, coupons sales, discount programs, as well as the way you do business in the inner office workings of your company.

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